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As medium-sized company with about 300 employees, we manufacture at our main production location in Lauchringen (spinning mill, weaving mill and administration) and in Lörrach-Brombach (finishing). As a textile manufacturer, we are aware of our social responsibility and base our activities on it: in areas such as quality and environment but also in the area of basic and advanced training of our staff, we invest in the future - since good employees are our largest capital.



Photo at the top: Headquarter in Lauchringen (administration, spinning mill and weaving mill)

Photo below: Poduction plant in Lörrach-Brombach (finishing)


We avow ourselves to the production location Germany

Only correct decisions on a long-term view guarantee also long-term economic success required for our company. In order to remain competitive, we need to compensate disadvantages at the locations, such as a high wage level, by advantages we really appreciate in Germany. Particularly because we can utilise key factors important to our company to their best, thanks to our advanced organisation and our solid infrastructure. In this respect, successful cooperation with public authorities, solid logistic prerequisites, proximity to our customers, research institutes, universities and our suppliers, with whom we work together in close cooperation, play an important role.


Furthermore, well-trained and highly-motivated employees are an essential success factor for the future, which we here regard optimally achieved. And - last but not least, we feel at home in the Three-Country-Corner at the foot of the Southern Schwarzwald (Black Forest) - right in the heart of Europe.


Quality and environment

Our customers demand high quality from us - we are aware of this and do our best to constantly satisfy these demands. This requires clear guidelines and regulations, which are controlled by our quality management team and constantly reviewed and improved; Lauffenmühle was one of the first textile companies in Germany to be certified according to the quality management system DIN EN ISO 9001. In addition, we are involved in important environmental issues such as energy recovery, wastewater utilisation and recycling. Because it is our opinion that only medium and long-term strategies and measures can create a win-win situation. For our environment and equally for our long-term profit performance: hence, we are not only certified according to the environmental management system DIN EN ISO 14001 but also face up to the requirements of the bluesign standard - which has been completely implemented in our company since october 2008.


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