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Lauffenmühle is a successful, fully integrated company with more than 180 years of experience in the textile manufacture of yarns and fabrics, we have specialized in the production of fabrics for conventional work wear, protective wear and corporate wear. Lauffenmühle GmbH & Co. KG manufacture exclusively in Germany at two locations on the High-Rhine: Lauchringen (Administation, Spinning, weaving) and Lörrach (Finishing facilities)


As an innovative and future-oriented textile company are we looking for dedicated team players and cooperative employees.


We offer numerous training opportunities in both the technical and commercial education.



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Do you know a carpenter in his classic workwear?

Traditionally it is made of a loose fitted cord trouser, a white shirt, a black corduroy and a floppy hat. As traditionally as the workwear from the carpenters are, are also the origins of their clothes. And exactly for such and many further rackets, Lauffenmühle manufactures fabrics. For example Lauffenmühle produces fabrics for the garments of nurses or doctors.



How are such fabrics produced?


Lauffenmühle produces fully integrated. This means that the delivered raw materials, such as cotton, is spinning into yarns and afterwards they are processed further into panels of fabric mill at the head office in Lauchringen. Finally the fabric will be finished. During the process of finishing, in our production plant in Lörrach, the fabric will be coloured and gets different properties, as easy ironing and low wrinkling, for example. According to that in a fully integrated production all production steps are accomplished from the manufacturer itself.



What are the advantages of a fully integrated production?


As one of the leading European manufacturers, Lauffenmühle sets a great value upon high quality. A fully integrated production enables us to provide permanent quality because so all manufacturing processes are leaded and checked from the company itself. Furthermore all used raw materials thereby can also checked previously on their quality characteristics. In contrast to household laundry, working clothes have to be industrially washable, that means with a washing temperature of 95°C, and should simultaneous be hard-wearing and offer a pleasurable wearing feeling for the wearer.
Clearly, the production of fabrics for the working clothes of a carpenter is not by a long shot what Lauffenmühle has to offer. The application fields of the fabrics from Lauffenmühle are very different. Among others, for the range of corporate wear Lauffenmühle produces for gastronomy or industry. Finally cooks or artisans need appropriate workwear and therefore Lauffenmühle always have the right fabric. For example the staffs in the workshop of Mercedes wear clothes made of Lauffenmühle-fabrics. Or the staffs of Rewe also wear clothes which are made of fabrics from Lauffenmühle. To our product line Relax belongs extreme elastic fabrics whereby a high wearing comfort and flexibility is offered to the wearer.



Do you know the luminous visible reflective vest?

And exactly therefore Lauffenmühle produces fabrics in high visible warn-colours so that traffic policemen are visible for car drivers from a distance. In case of danger of electronic discharge, for example when working with very sensible electrical components, the Startec-fabrics from Lauffenmühle protect. These fabrics prevent electronic discharge and therefore electronic components of mobile phones cannot be damaged, for example. Flame retardant Lauffenmühle-fabrics are applied at welder-works for the protection of the employees because these are flame retardant and also must not melt at extreme heat. Our fluff-free fabrics are worn by painting cars for example, thereby no fluff balls damage the paint. Certainly these are nowhere near all innovative fabrics from Lauffenmühle. With about 300 employees and 30 trainees Lauffenmühle belongs to the bigger employer and training post at the High Rhine. Have you become curious? Then gladly inform you about the different apprenticeship jobs at Lauffenmühle.

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