Certification according to bluesign® standard

In October 2008, both processes and products of the company - submitting a permanent monitoring - have been certified according to the strict test criterea of the bluesign® standard

With effect from October 2008 Lauffenmühle has been awarded certification according to the bluesign® standard. The company therefore takes another important step towards fulfilling its corporate and social responsibility requiring permanent screening of both the whole production chain and its manufactured products. The focus is on Consumer Safety, Environment, Resources and Processes. All process stages in the company including raw materials and supplies are subject to strict test criteria - and Lauffenmühle is proud to announce that these criteria are continuously achieved by the company.

The bluesign® standard required a screening and a permanent monitoring of all working processes within the entire production chain (spinning mill, weaving mill, dyeing and finishing) as well as all raw materials used in those processes. The EHS management system (Environment, Health and Safety) is based on the five guiding principles resource productivity, consumer safety, air emissions, water emissions and occupational health and safety. The environmental resource and employment situation at both production plants of the company (both in Germany) has been analysed and evaluated with regard to these criteria and all recommendations given in the screening report have been implemented successfully into the process chain.


With the screening process and certification according to bluesign® standard Lauffenmühle is ready to proactively manage all future environmental aspects from the very beginning of the manufacturing process and far beyond the statutory framework.



The bluesign® standard summarised in reference to the requirements of REACh

Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation of Chemicals 



The concentration of "Substances of Very High Concern" (SVHC) in bluesign® approved fabrics is less than 0.1%; that implies:


  • No information requirement according to article 33 REACh
  • Notification according to article 2 REACh does not apply


The current list containing the substances of very high concern ‘SVHC' is available on the website of ECHA (European Chemicals Agency): http://.europa.eu/chem_data/candidate _list_en.asp


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