Corporate Wear

With its experience of over 150 years in manufacturing textile products, Lauffenmühle dealt very early with the issue of corporate wear. And developed innovative products used in a wide range of different sectors. Whether it is about the catering or hotel trade, the industrial or the service sector - fabrics from Lauffenmühle have been developed tailored to the needs of the respective sectors and are available in great variety.




The services offered are also extremely extensive since we have a large portion of the offered products in stock - and can thus deliver them to you promptly.




NOS programme & individual coloured woven service


We gladly respond to your special wishes and ideas, especially in the area of corporate wear, since this is what we are specialised in. We especially offer tailor-made solutions via our coloured woven service Rebecca à la Carte - the fabrics here are developed according to your individual design specifications. Of course, you also find the most interesting colour and pattern combinations in our wide-ranging NOS-programmes Rebecca le Chef and Shirtline. We offer you a great number of fabrics with weaving structures as well; for this, see our product line Galaxy.




Our elastic fabrics of the product line Relax provide high wearing comfort for a widest range of occupational situations; whether in the catering trade, the health care sector or for industrial applications: you will certainly find the appropriate fabric in Relax. The great thing about it: by using the elastic XLA by Dow fibres, these fabrics are suitable for leasing, can principally be treated like standard blended fabrics and retain their elasticity and resilience over the entire product life-cycle.



 In particular for especially sensitive areas with close contact to other people such as for example products in the health care sector or in hospital facilities, products exhibiting an excellent moisture management can allow for unpleasant odours not to be generated at all, since they absorb sweat and give it off to the environment; find out about our product line Tencel.




And of course, our product line Comfortec offers you a wide range of fabrics which, due to their special type of weave, provide the advantage of a pleasant sensation of cotton on the user's skin on the inside and mechanical durability and long service life to the leaser due to polyester on the outside of the fabric.


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