Energy and environment policy plus environmental guidelines

Lauffenmühle has been certified according to DIN EN 16001:2009


With its energy and environment policy, Lauffenmühle GmbH & Co. KG has set itself an eco-political framework which is binding for all decisions made at both sites in Southern Germany.


All processes and activities as well as all products and services are monitored constantly with respect to their direct environmental impact. We undertake to reduce our energy consumption in the long term and to increase our energy efficiency by means of a continuous improvement process.


In order to achieve these goals, our energy management system has been certified according to DIN EN 16001:2009, and we are mindful that all requirements of this standard are correctly implemented and the corresponding processes continuously improved. Read more about the certification of our environmental management system here…



  1. Energy, environmental protection, safety at work, product quality and consumer protection are the responsibility of the company management, i.e. it provides the decisive stimuli, defining responsibilities and engaging the corresponding employees in implementation and execution of the energy management system. Furthermore, it is our long-term task to anchor energy and environmental awareness even more firmly in the minds of our entire staff, by keeping employees from all areas well informed and by offering corresponding training programmes.

  2. We promote the development of products and procedures which conserve energy, resources and the environment. Environmental pollution which could result from the development of new products or the introduction of new procedures is considered and evaluated closely prior to commencement of production. Corresponding decisions and measures are derived according to the following principle: We use raw materials, energy, water and other goods as sparingly as possible.

  3. When choosing the energy sources and auxiliary and operating materials necessary for production, we pay close attention to environmental protection criteria. To this end, purchasing decisions relating to the selection of suppliers and products are made in such a way that ecological aspects are given just as much consideration as quality and economic criteria.

  4. We are committed to continuously increasing efficiency in all operational production processes and activities, to save energy, water and resources. Furthermore, we are working to steadily improve our process technology in production to reduce the amount of waste material and waste water.

    Lauffenmühle GmbH & Co.KG undertakes to provide the resources and information necessary to achieving the strategic and operative goals of this environment and energy policy. In addition, we monitor, document and evaluate the direct and indirect environmental impact of our activities on a regular basis so that we can derive and implement corrective measures, if required.

  5. We undertake to comply with all valid requirements, such as environmental and energy laws and relevant directives, irrespective of whether these are of a statutory or voluntary nature. Moreover, we strive constantly to keep environmentally harmful emissions to a minimum or to avoid them entirely, where possible.

  6. To reduce accidental emissions, emergency and risk strategies have been drawn up and presented to the relevant authorities. These plans are reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

  7. Through open dialogue and a proactive information policy, we want to increase public awareness of the environmental impact of our production. We offer our customers comprehensive advice on all environmental aspects of our products, right down to their disposal.

  8. By means of in-house communication and training measures, we make our employees more aware of environmental and energy topics as well as safety-conscious behaviour. Using our existing in-house suggestions scheme, employees can actively contribute to improving the quality of environmental protection and health and safety in the company.


To put these environment and energy guidelines into practice, we have set ourselves concrete targets which are firmly anchored in energy and environment programmes. These targets are continuously updated and their achievement monitored. Evaluation of the results of corresponding deviation analyses enables us to introduce corrective measures immediately.




Environmentally friendly products and processes

Thoughts & Actions

Klaus Töpfer, a German politician (1987-94 Federal Minister of Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety & 1995-98 Federal Minister for Regional Planning, Architecture and Urban Development) said once: "In a world, which has to occupy the natural resources more and more, we will only be able to keep our standing, if we will recover and apply environmentally friendly products and processes.



We fully agree with this absolutely correct and important statement – and therefore we work continuously on the optimization of our production processes. By using innovative technologies, optimization of the current mechanical equipments and of course also by an efficient energy management along all three production stages (spinning, weaving and finishing) within the period from 2002 to 2010 we’ve been able to reach the significant reduction in CO2 emissions of exactly 29 % - read more about the details here...



Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and DIN EN 14001

Not only are our processes certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001 - we also provide a corresponding quality guarantee to the end-users of our products: the entire product range of the Lauffenmühle GmbH & Co KG is certified according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. This includes both the entire range of yarns and without exception all items we offer within our thirteen product lines for corporate and protective wear, hygiene, health & care and for uniform fabrics. 
















Certification according to bluesign® standard


The first time in October 2008, Lauffenmühles products have been awarded certification according to the criteria of the international bluesign® standard of the textile industry. The swiss coorporation bluesign technologies ag helps the textile industry and its suppliers with the global seal of approval for environment, health and production safety to establish sustainable products - without any compromise concerning functionality, quality and design.



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