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The product group of Uniform Fabrics requires a perfect coordination between development, production and quality control, as the technical requirements are quite high. Having experience for many decades in the production of high-quality fabrics according to technical supply regulations (TL), we have gained enormous competence for this sector. Lauffenmühle is an indirect supplier of purchasing offices on federal and state level.


Our product range includes fabrics for shirts and blouses as well as fabrics for anoraks, jackets, flying jackets, trousers, overalls and action dresses. We are using different materials like cotton/polyester, Aramid/viscose (flame retardant) in different blends and finishing variations. The range of inherently flame retardant fabrics by Lauffenmühle offers protection, comfort and value for money in equal measure.





Uniform high performance fabrics meet all relevant EN standards, and include the following benefits:


  • permanently flame retardant even after repeated industrial washing processes
  • no melting or dripping
  • no heat shrinkage
  • no flame up or afterglow
  • no emission of toxic gases
  • outstanding efficiency concerning isolation and antistatic
  • excellent resistance to tearing and abrasion
  • easy laundry processability (like poly/cotton)
  • excellent dimensional stability and crease resistance
  • easy textile processing


Textiles made by Lauffenmühle stand for innovative and high quality products, competitive prices and excellent service.


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