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We consider ourselves as a performance-oriented and social community:
Company requirements are undoubtedly given top priority - at the same time, we respect our employees' desire for a healthy work-life balance. One of the key factors to achieve our company objectives is the satisfaction of our staff. This is why we try to harmonise the various living and working models of our employees with the requirements of the employer as far as possible. A sustainable personnel policy as well as our employees' efficiency, motivation and commitment are the essential prerequisites to also be successful as a company in the future.



Flexible and modern working time schemes

Our working time schemes and areas of responsibility are accordingly varied. At the production locations in Lauchringen und Lörrach, we work around the clock based on modern shift models.


Both company locations offer individual and flexible working hours in part-time as well. This makes it possible for us to completely dispense with core times in certain areas - we think in terms of performance, not in terms of time. This approach creates space for our staff; for example, parents can take their children to school or to the kindergarten.


The details of the working models are arranged in consultation with the senior managers and the human resource department. The approval of the respective department is indispensible for good teamwork. Details are specified in the works council working time agreements. All employees additionally receive a company pension scheme.



Train your Brain...

Fit for the job - this is one of the basic principles at Lauffenmühle. Whether in the production, administration, technical service or field service - our employees receive a high-degree of promotion for basic and advanced training in terms of a multitude of offers. Some examples for this: Master production engineer training, management trainings, sales trainings or generous support during further occupational training (IHK - Chamber of Commerce and Industry, DHV - German Association of University Professors and Lecturers, etc.) for example as accountant, industrial business administrator or other qualifications.



...and move your Body

Internal health management is attached great importance to. We provide "moving" fitness and health offers at our locations. At the production location in Lauchringen, colleagues from different areas play football together. The mountains are in the vicinity - walking and skiing are very popular as well.
Since our opinion is: Those who feel comfortable with their own bodies will enjoy their jobs.


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