Hygiene & Healthcare

Moisture Management


However, the moisture management of fabric is in demand as well, especially in the health industry - since unpleasant odours should not be generated at all. Find out about our Tencel products: a blended fabric, consisting of 50% pure organic Tencel by Lenzing fibres. This has the advantage that - due to the extraordinary high absorbency of the fibres - excess moisture such as sweat is absorbed and given off to the environment.




Our cotton-rich products


You will also find extensive information about our cotton-rich product line Comfortec; within this scope, we offer you fabrics which have a high proportion of cotton and which furthermore offer two types of use due to a special weaving procedure: on one hand, the person wearing it will have a 75% proportion of cotton on the inside of the ready-made parts and on the other, the fabric is still perfectly suitable for leasing, as the high amount of polyester on the outside of the fabric exhibits high mechanical durability.



Comfort through stretch & long-lasting elasticity


And, of course, our product line Relax additionally offers for all mentioned areas of application a highly increased wearing comfort due to the elasticity of the products. An elasticity of 20 - 25% and constantly good resilience due to the use of the XLA by Dow fibres characterise all items of this product line. Suitable for leasing - just like all Lauffenmühle products - Relax items are suitable for nearly all areas of application, whether it is about the health care and nursing sector, the catering trade or industrial applications. Please inform yourself of all features offered by these products on the following pages.


Permanent antimicrobial effect


We have developed the product line Biotec Silver for all application areas where hygiene is especially important, such as in hospitals, in the entire health care sector but also in the food-processing industry, be it in industrial or commercial areas. The permanent antimicrobial effect is created by silver ions, which are firmly integrated in the fibre and are thus spun into the yarn which is used for weaving the fabrics. The silver ions thus remain firmly in the fabric which is then suitable for the industrial wash - the antimicrobial effect is permanently maintained.


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