Thanks to the use of intimately blended Vortex threads (PES/CO) and an additional fluorocarbon finish, an almost fluff-free fabric with good barrier characteristics is created. Meditec is fundamentally different to conventional blended fabrics as it preserves the high microbiological and hygienic standard required for textiles used in operations to avoid the risk of infection – thus offering protection and safety for patients, the operating team and others.




The Meditec product range combines the greatest possible safety with the highest level of hygiene and distinguishes itself through its other excellent qualities: it barely shrinks, dries very quickly and is colourfast. Its low weight and ability to breathe are primarily what make it so comfortable to wear and thus also serve as a means of maintaining its high performance.The fibre is easy to clean, suitable for leasing and will impress you though its recyclability – also from an economic viewpoint.

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