Excellent wearing comfort with permanent elasticity

With 20% and more stretch and good rebound properties, Relax offers permanent elasticity and so ideal wearing comfort. The fabric is thus eminently suitable for making extremely comfortable and hard-wearing workwear. Relax offers the wearer maximum freedom of movement and yet still supports every movement sequence. The high wearing comfort that results from the soft elasticity and pleasant feel ensures well-being in any work situation. The excellent rebound characteristics of Relax - with a permanent stretch of less than 5% - ensure that the fit is maintained and the garment looks good in the long run. 


Relax_Garnvergl._E-Mail klein

Outstanding technical product characteristics

Relax fabric is made of core yarn. This means that the conventional cotton-polyester blend is spun around an elastic core, so imparting a permanent elasticity to the yarn. This elastic component of the yarn consists of elastolefin, and it is extremely resistant to heat and chemicals. This means that Relax can be easily washed in industrial washing facilities while retaining its elasticity over the entire product lifespan. Moreover, Relax offers excellent technical values for shrinkage, pilling and optimum colour characteristics.

Image above:
Fibre with Elastolefin core (as used in Relax) compared to a conventional elastic fibre;
                       at 23 °C room temperature
Image Below: Fibre with Elastolefin core (as used in Relax) compared to a conventional elastic fibre; 
                       at 220 °C (e.g. in washing and drying processes)

Conclusion:   The core yarn used in Relax with the elastic core of heat and chemical-resistant
                      Elastolefin is not destroyed.


Easy to process and cleanTc_waschfrau+pro care label colour + white_web klein_beschn.

All Relax fabrics can be easily processed - in principle, exactly like standard blended fabrics. They offer the same stability and durability as non-elastic fabrics made from the same fibre blends. Relax does not require any sophisticated care or washing processes and can be treated like customary blended fabrics – even in industrial washing facilities. This makes it ideally suited also for leasing operations.

Sustainable fabric production

bluesign ® approved fabrics

Of course all Relax fabrics are certified according to the international textile industry’s bluesign® standard.
This means that the following criteria have already been met during the production of the fabric:

- Consumer Protection

  Only certified, low-emission components are used

- Resource-efficient production 

  Minimal resource consumption leads to a sustainable productBluesign approved fabric_web klein

- Occupational health and safety 

  Monitoring the work processes back along the entire textile chain

- Reduced emissions 

  Air and water emissions are reduced and tracked


Oekotex Standard Product Class 1Oeko-Tex Produktzertifizierung_E-Mail klein

The more intense the skin contact with a textile (and the more sensitive the skin), the higher the human ecological requirements that have to be met. Work wear is very often worn next to the skin, which is why we make all our Relax items without using formaldehyde. They are thus also certified as per Product Class 1 (the so-called “Baby Class”) of the Oeko-Tex Standard 100.


Relax_Spagat_bearbOptional fluorocarbon finish based on C6 chemistry

If an optional water and oil repellent finish is needed, we can promise you that C6-chemistry has been used to produce it. This finishing, based on shorter fluorocarbon chains, differs from the C8-chain fluorocarbon finish as usual until now in its raw material, which cannot decompose into PFOS and PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid and perfluorooctane sulphonate) in the environment. Shorter-chained PFCs (perfluorinated and polyfluorinated chemicals) are accumulated less by the body and represent a more environmentally friendly alternative.



We offer this product in the following variations:

Name of article Article no. Weight g/m² Weave Blend Care recommendations
Relax 125 11900 125 L 1/1 49/49/2 % CO/PES/EOL wash16.gifbleach1.giftumbler4.gifiron4.gifdrywash1.gif
Relax Deluxe 125 11900 125 L 1/1 49/49/2 % CO/PES/EOL wash16.gifbleach3.giftumbler4.gifiron4.gifdrywash1.gif
Rebecca Shirt Relax 14178 150 L 1/1 48/48/4 % CO/PES/EOL wash16.gifbleach1.giftumbler4.gifiron4.gifdrywash1.gif
Relax 150 42510 150 K 2/1 S 47/47/6 % CO/PES/EOL wash16.gifbleach1.giftumbler4.gifiron4.gifdrywash1.gif
Relax 200 42220 195 K 2/1 S 49/49/2 % CO/PES/EOL wash16.gifbleach1.giftumbler4.gifiron4.gifdrywash1.gif
Relax 215 42500 210 K 2/1 S 65/32/3 % PES/CO/EOL wash16.gifbleach1.giftumbler4.gifiron4.gifdrywash1.gif
Fil à Fil Relax 44805 210 L 1/1 63/32/5 % PES/CO/EOL wash16.gifbleach1.giftumbler4.gifiron4.gifdrywash1.gif
Satin Relax 43269 215 A 4/1 S 49/49/2 % CO/PES/EOL wash16.gifbleach1.giftumbler4.gifiron4.gifdrywash1.gif
Montana Relax 42255 220 K 3/1 Z 56/42/2 % PES/CO/EOL wash16.gifbleach1.giftumbler4.gifiron4.gifdrywash1.gif
Ripstop Relax 44200 220 Ripstop 62/33/5 % PES/CO/EOL wash16.gifbleach1.giftumbler4.gifiron4.gifdrywash1.gif
Relax C 230 42605 230 K 2/1 S 48/48/4 % CO/PES/EOL wash16.gifbleach1.giftumbler4.gifiron4.gifdrywash1.gif
Relax 245 42501 245 K 2/1 S 64/34/2 % PES/CO/EOL wash16.gifbleach1.giftumbler4.gifiron4.gifdrywash1.gif
Canvas Relax 245 46169 245 P 2/2 62/33/5 % PES/CO/EOL wash16.gifbleach1.giftumbler4.gifiron4.gifdrywash1.gif
Ripstop Relax 270 44140 270 Ripstop 63/34/3 % PES/CO/EOL wash16.gifbleach1.giftumbler4.gifiron4.gifdrywash1.gif
Relax 285 42502 285 K 3/1 S 64/33/3 % PES/CO/EOL wash16.gifbleach1.giftumbler4.gifiron4.gifdrywash1.gif
Canvas Relax 285 46068 285 P 2/2 54/43/3 % PES/CO/EOL wash16.gifbleach1.giftumbler4.gifiron4.gifdrywash1.gif
Olympic Relax 42499 300 K 2/2 S 55/42/3 % CO/PES/EOL wash16.gifbleach3.giftumbler4.gifiron4.gifdrywash1.gif
Canvas Relax 300 46088 300 P 2/2 54/43/3 % PES/CO/EOL wash16.gifbleach1.giftumbler4.gifiron4.gifdrywash1.gif
Major Relax 42157 310 K 3/1 S 50/45/5 % CO/PES/EOL wash16.gifbleach1.giftumbler4.gifiron4.gifdrywash1.gif
Energy Relax 230 42160 230 K 2/1 S 47/47/6 % CO/PES/EOL wash16.gifbleach1.giftumbler4.gifiron4.gifdrywash1.gif
Energy Relax 270 42163 270 K 2/1 S 47/47/6 % CO/PES/EOL wash16.gifbleach1.giftumbler4.gifiron4.gifdrywash1.gif
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