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Shirtline from Lauffenmühle is a poly cotton fabric specially designed for professional shirts and blouses. Shirtline is the intelligent alternative to pure cotton fabrics since it can be leased out. With qualities between
120 g and 150 g, which are supplemented with many products in beautiful fabric structures, a quality out of Tencel fibre as well as an antimicrobial product, Shirtline suits optimally to complete corporate image garments!

Design & Colour

Whether you want an interesting weave such as seersucker or versatile designs in different colours, every Shirtline article speaks for itself and has excellent wearing comfort and the best care properties.

 Wearing Comfort & Durability

It’s the blend that makes it special. The cotton in the fabric ensures optimum wearing comfort and regulates moisture. The polyester makes it hard-wearing and durable and offers the best mechanical properties as well as low shrinkage.

Wear & Use

Shirts and blouses made from Shirtline not only feel pleasant on the skin but also have excellent functional properties and are colourfast. Even if high demands are made on them by being leased out, their optimum wearing and use properties are guaranteed. Shirtline is the perfect synthesis of wearing comfort, function and profitability.


Easy Cleaning & DurabilityPro-Care Label E-Mail klein

Shirtline has the best cleaning properties for industrial washes over the entire life cycle of the product. As with all Lauffenmühle fabrics, Shirtline also stands out due to its high quality and enormously long durability. It is thus ideally suited for leasing operations.

Sustainable fabric production

bluesign ® approved fabrics

Of course all Shirtline fabrics are certified according to the international textile industry’s bluesign® standard.
This means that the following criteria have already been met during the production of the fabric:

- Consumer Protection

  Only certified, low-emission components are used

- Resource-efficient production 

  Minimal resource consumption leads to a sustainable productBluesign approved fabric_web klein

- Occupational health and safety 

  Monitoring the work processes back along the entire textile chain

- Reduced emissions 

  Air and water emissions are reduced and tracked

Oekotex Standard Product Class 1Oeko-Tex Produktzertifizierung_E-Mail klein

The more intense the skin contact with a textile (and the more sensitive the skin), the higher the human ecological requirements that have to be met. Work wear is very often worn next to the skin, which is why we make all our Shirtline items without using formaldehyde. They are thus also certified as per Product Class 1 (the so-called “Baby Class”) of the Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

We offer this product in the following variations:

Name of article Article no. Weight g/m² Weave Blend Care recommendations
Relax 125 11900 125 L 1/1 49/49/2 % CO/PES/EOL wash16.gifbleach1.giftumbler4.gifiron4.gifdrywash1.gif
Relax Deluxe 125 11900 125 L 1/1 48/48/4 % CO/PES/EOL wash16.gifbleach1.giftumbler4.gifiron4.gifdrywash1.gif
Rebecca Shirt Relax 14178 150 L 1/1 48/48/4 % CO/PES/EOL wash16.gifbleach1.giftumbler4.gifiron4.gifdrywash1.gif
Topas 11108 125 L 1/1 50/50 % CO/PES wash16.gifbleach1.giftumbler4.gifiron4.gifdrywash1.gif
Topas Deluxe 14314 125 L 1/1 50/50 % CO/PES wash16.gifbleach1.giftumbler4.gifiron4.gifdrywash1.gif
Ultra Extra 42351 150 K 2/1 S 50/50 % CO/PES wash16.gifbleach1.giftumbler4.gifiron4.gifdrywash1.gif
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