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Safety & Protection with innovative Fabric Com4-Guard Lea Multi+ 310

Weight: 310 g/m²; Blend 55/41/4% MAC/CO/CF; Usable Width 160cm; Weave: Twill 3/1 S

This new fabric within the Com4-Guard productline covers a multitude of risks when working in dangerous surroundings demanding multifunctional protection. Lea Multi+ 310 offers beside its reliable protection from heat and flames, for use in welding and allied processes, of thermal hazards of an electric arc and it’s electrostatic properties also the option of being delivered in hi-vis and fit up to protect against liquid chemicals. This fabric was especially developed for use in petrochemistry, public utility companies and government agencies, as well as for adoptions in automotive industry and of course all types of heavy industries The Com4-Guard fabric of course meets all relevant current European standards for optimal workplace safety and beside its optimal external protection the innovative fabric Com4-Guard Lea Multi+ 310 is suitable for leasing operations and certified according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.


Safety & Protection

The new multifunctional fabric Com4-Guard by Lauffenmühle sets new standards! It offers reliable protection from thermal effects such as heat and flames, as well as from liquid metal and electric arcing. Moreover, it additionally protects from chemical effects and electrostatic charge – also in high-vis colours available if desired. The Com4-Guard fabric was developed specifically for use in petrochemistry, automotive industry, public utility companies, heavy industry and government agencies.


Durable & Abrasion Resistant

CORDURA is a registered trademark of INVISTA for durable fabrics.

Lauffenmühle, Ultimate, FlammschutzAn important component of the Com4-Guard fabric range is INVISTA’s CORDURA® brand fabric technology. The fabrics (our Com4-Guard LFR and Com4-Guard LFR Startec products) feature exceptional durability proven by outstanding abrasion resistance, with Com4-Guard fabrics achieving over 150.000 Martindale cycles and excellent colour retention to laundering. This indicates an increase in the wear-life of garments made from Com4-Guard fabrics featuring CORDURA® fabric technology.

Welder Protection & Electric Arcing & Antistatic

Certain occupations require very special personal protective equipment. The innovative Com4-Guard fabric by Lauffenmühle offers reliable protection in welding. Com4-Guard LEA Multi + 310 even comprises additional protection from electric arcs and provides antistatic properties. 

Multifunctioality & Additional Benefits

Com4-Guard offers perfect protection even from static charges, thanks to the reliable negastat fibres woven into it. The Com4-Guard fabrics may optionally be equipped with the following additional functions: High visibility and chemical protection. Just as the customer needs it.

Reflective Clothing & Chemical Protection

Chemicals cannot damage Com4-Guard, thanks to the special protective finish (optional) the fabric protects reliably and permanently due to its chemical-repellent properties according to DIN EN ISO 13034 Type 6. For special requirements, Com4-Guard is optionally available with the additional protective function for high visibility with enormous long-distance effects.

Agreeable & Comfortable

The innovative fabric offers both optimal external protection and superb wearing comfort. The high cotton content of Com4-Guard (preshrunk) provides optimal breathability and very good moisture-management. Thanks to its fibre blend, Com4-Guard is an extremely robust and durable fabric for highest demands. Moreover, it is suitable for leasing operations and certified according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.

Certificates & Quality

Com4-Guard fabricy meet the current European standards for optimal workplace safety. The well-known Hohenstein research institute and other renowned testing institutions have certified the protective functions of the novel fabric by extensive tests.

Norms & Requirements

DIN EN ISO 11611:2007
Protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes

DIN EN ISO 11612:2008
Protective clothing – Clothing to protect against heat and flame

DIN EN ISO 14116:2008
Protective clothing – Protection against heat and flame – Limited flame spread materials, material assemblies  
and clothing

EN 61482-1-2:2007
Live-in working – Protective clothing against the thermal hazards of an electric arc

DIN EN 1149-5:2008
Protective clothing – Electrostatic properties – Part 5: Material performance and design requirements

DIN EN 13034:2009 Type 6
Protective clothing against liquid chemicals – Performance requirements for chemical protective clothing offering limited protective performance against liquid chemicals (Type 6 and Type PB [6] equipment)

DIN EN ISO 20471:2013
High-Visibility warning clothing for professional use – Test methods and requirements


42156 - Ultimate LFR Startec 340

DIN EN ISO 11611 CL 1, DIN EN ISO 11612, DIN EN ISO 14116, DIN EN 1149-5;   Optional: DIN EN 13034-6, DIN EN ISO 20471 (Yellow)

42736 - Ultimate LFR 360

DIN EN ISO 11611 CL 2, DIN EN ISO 11612, DIN EN ISO 14116;   Optional: EN 13034-6

42172 - Ultimate Lea Multi+ 310

DIN EN ISO 11611 CL 1, DIN EN ISO 11612, DIN EN ISO 14116, EN 61482-1-2, DIN EN 1149-5;   Optional: DIN EN 13034-6; DIN EN ISO 20471 (Yellow)

46070 - Lea Multi 365

DIN EN ISO 11611 CL 2, DIN EN ISO 11612, DIN EN ISO 14116, DIN EN 1149-5;   Optional: DIN EN 13034-6; DIN EN ISO 20471 (Yellow)

43275 - Com4-Guard Warntec FR

DIN EN ISO 11611 CL 2, DIN EN ISO 11612, DIN EN ISO 14116, DIN EN 1149-5, DIN EN ISO 20471 (Orange);   Optional: DIN EN 13034-6

Sustainable fabric production

bluesign ® approved fabrics

Of course all Com4-Guard® fabrics are certified according to the international textile industry’s bluesign® standard. This means that the following criteria have already been met during the production of the fabric:

- Consumer Protection

  Only certified, low-emission components are used

- Resource-efficient production 

  Minimal resource consumption leads to a sustainable productBluesign approved fabric_web klein

- Occupational health and safety 

  Monitoring the work processes back along the entire textile chain

- Reduced emissions 

  Air and water emissions are reduced and tracked

Oekotex Standard Product Class 1Oeko-Tex Produktzertifizierung_E-Mail klein

The more intense the skin contact with a textile (and the more sensitive the skin), the higher the human ecological requirements that have to be met. Work wear is very often worn next to the skin, which is why we make some of our Com4-Guard® items without using formaldehyde. These are thus also certified as per Product Class 1 (the so-called “Baby Class”) of the Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

We offer this product in the following variations:

Name of article Article no. Weight g/m² Weave Blend Care recommendations
Com4-Guard Shirt FR 160 41821 160 Ripstop 94/5/1 % CO/PA/CF wash12.gifbleach5.giftumbler4.gifiron4.gifdrywash1.gif
Com4-Guard LFR Startec 340 42156 340 K 3/1 S 79/20/1 % CO/PA 6.6/CF wash12.gifbleach5.giftumbler4.gifiron4.gifdrywash1.gif
Com4-Guard LFR 360 42736 360 K 3/1 S 90/10 % CO/PA 6.6 wash12.gifbleach5.giftumbler4.gifiron4.gifdrywash1.gif
Com4-Guard Lea Multi + 310 42172 310 K 3/1 S 55/41/4 % MAC/CO/CF wash12.gifbleach5.giftumbler4.gifiron4.gifdrywash1.gif
Com4-Guard Lea Multi 365 46070 365 P 2/2 57/22/20/1 % MAC/CLY/CO/CF wash12.gifbleach5.giftumbler4.gifiron4.gifdrywash1.gif
Com4-Guard Warntec FR 43275 400 D2603 46/33/20/1 % MAC/PES/CO/CF wash12.gifbleach5.giftumbler4.gifiron4.gifdrywash1.gif
Com4-Guard Flashguard 490 42972 490 K 3/1 S 35/31/26/6/2 % MAC/CV FR/CO/PAR/CF wash12.gifbleach5.giftumbler4.gifiron4.gifdrywash1.gif
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