Structure & Appereance

Simple and elegant, discreet but striking – the different weave structures in the Galaxy range ensure a modern and presentable appearance. Wherever presentable elegance is required, the poly cotton blended fabric will win out. Woven structures such as stripes, seersucker or waffle piqué ensure a high-class or fresh and dynamic appearance in plain colours.

The two cotton blended fabrics seersucker and waffle pique have special properties. Seersucker (also called: Soug) was formerly known as a product manufactured mainly in East India. It was a light white and light blue striped cotton fabric. Today, seersucker is characterized by its longitudinal creped stripes. Seersucker is produced by different warp thread tensions, which is really special (warp threads are the ones which run in the longitudinal direction of the fabric). It is also particular that seersucker is produced by the use of two bonds (plain weave with weftrip). In a plain weave, each warp thread passes alternately over and under one weft yarn. If it is produced with weftrip, also called longitudinal rip, several weft threads are injected simultaneously into the compartment. Due to the different incorporation of the warp threads there arises the typical bubble and ripple effect of seersucker fabric.

Wafflepiqué (also called: Faux Piqué) is a single chain and a single- weft structure, which achieves a similar effect like piqué triggered by the waffle-binding. For Piqué fabrics two overlapping chains are used and each chain receives its own bullet. The Wafflepiqué is distinguished by its rectangular appearance, which can only be achieved by an almost equal ratio between warp and weft and by the same thread size. Because of their good capacity of moisture absorption Wafflepiqué fabrics are often used for polo shirts or towels.

Dyeing & Finishing

Galaxy weave structures are shown to their best advantage in white goods or discreet colours. In line with our standard, the Galaxy fabrics that we supply are finished to a very high quality. Besides our standard range, we can custom-dye fabrics with a minimum order of 1.000 m.

Fashion & Quality

The discreet weave structure ensures an unusual and very elegant appearance. The classic poly cotton mix stands for the durability and wearing comfort that is typical of Lauffenmühle fabrics.

Easy Cleaning & Durability141007_pu_14_prof_qual_label_white_colour_E_Mail_gross

Appearance isn't everything – thanks to its poly cotton mix, Galaxy has the best cleaning properties for industrial washes over the entire life cycle of the product. As with all Lauffenmühle fabrics, Galaxy also stands out due to its high quality and enormously long durability. In particular, the low – maintenance of seersucker has to be mentioned. It`s possible to hang up the wet fabrics and then you only have to pull it into it`s form. It should be mentioned that all fabrics, including the special fabrics Seersucker and Waffle Piqué, are industrially washable and thus are perfectly suitable for the leasing business.

Sustainable fabric production

bluesign ® approved fabrics

Of course all Galaxy fabrics are certified according to the international textile industry’s bluesign® standard.
This means that the following criteria have already been met during the production of the fabric:

- Consumer Protection

  Only certified, low-emission components are used

- Resource-efficient production 

  Minimal resource consumption leads to a sustainable productBluesign approved fabric_web klein

- Occupational health and safety 

  Monitoring the work processes back along the entire textile chain

- Reduced emissions 

  Air and water emissions are reduced and tracked

Oeko-Tex Produktzertifizierung_E-Mail kleinOekotex Standard Product Class 1

The more intense the skin contact with a textile (and the more sensitive the skin), the higher the human ecological requirements that have to be met. Work wear is very often worn next to the skin, which is why we make all our Galaxy items without using formaldehyde. They are thus also certified as per Product Class 1 (the so-called “Baby Class”) of the Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

We offer this product in the following variations:

Name of article Article no. Weight g/m² Weave Blend Care recommendations
Ariane 44311 150 L 1/1 Seer- sucker 58/42 % PES/CO wash16.gifbleach1.giftumbler4.gifiron4.gifdrywash1.gif
Voyager 150 44310 160 Waffel Piqué 50/50 % CO/PES wash16.gifbleach1.giftumbler4.gifiron4.gifdrywash1.gif
Voyager 180 44062 180 Waffel Piqué 65/35 % PES/CO wash16.gifbleach1.giftumbler4.gifiron4.gifdrywash1.gif
Sojus 44060 215 Fantasy 65/35 % PES/CO wash16.gifbleach1.giftumbler4.gifiron4.gifdrywash1.gif
Enterprise 44317 215 Fantasy Dessin 6428 65/35 % PES/CO wash16.gifbleach3.giftumbler4.gifiron4.gifdrywash1.gif
Enterprise 44317 215 Fantasy Dessin 6429 65/35 % PES/CO wash16.gifbleach1.giftumbler4.gifiron4.gifdrywash1.gif
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