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Safety & Protection with innovative Fabric Com4-Guard Lea Multi+ 310


Weight: 310 g/m²; Blend 55/41/4% PPAN/CO/CF; Usable Width 160cm; Weave: Twill 3/1S


This new fabric within the Com4Guard productline covers a multitude of risks when working in dangerous surroundings demanding multifunctional protection.


Lea Multi+ 310 offers beside its reliable protection from heat and flames, for use in welding and allied processes, of thermal hazards of an electric arc and it’s electrostatic properties also the option of being delivered in hi-vis and fit up to protect against liquid chemicals.


This innovation was especially developed for use in petrochemistry, public utility companies and government agencies, as well as for adoptions in automotive industry and of course all types of heavy industries.


This Com4Guard fabric of course meets all relevant current European standards for optimal workplace safety and beside its optimal external protection the innovative fabric Com4-Guard Lea Multi+ 310 is suitable for leasing operations and certified according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.


High Visibility; Antistatic & Electromagnetic Pollution




Lauffenmühle, the first manufacturer in the work wear market to develop high-visibility fabrics complying with the DIN EN 471 standard and suitable for leasing, offers many different product lines for all areas of work where special protection is necessary. Especially for high visibility with the product line Warntec, but also for many other areas where protection against antistatic discharge is required. We have dealt thoroughly with the requirements for the product line Startec and offer a wide range of fabrics for your varying demands.



PPE: Innovations within the Warntec productline (Hi-Vis)


Warntec TC Rich:  Hi-Vis fabric made with the Tencel-fibre for an excellent wearer comfort:


Weight: 270g/m²; Blend 50/50% CLY/PES; Usable Width 160cm; Weave: KK 3/1


Warntec TC Rich does complete the Warntec productline of Lauffenmühle, a fabric offering an excellent wearer comfort, which does even improve after several washes. An excellent moisture management due to the high allotment of Tencel-fibre combined with a convenient touch allows well-being even whilst working very hard. Warntec TC Rich is suitable for leasing business and all colours do of course meet ISO 20471. This tremendously comfortable middle-weight fabric will be available in hi-vis colour orange.



PPE: Innovations within the Startec productline (Antistatic)

Startec Carbon 150 Antistatic fabric for protection against short-circuits


Weight: 150g/m²; Blend 58/41/1% PES/CO/CF; Usable Width 160cm; Weave: L1/1


The polyester-cotton-blend of this fabric being pervaded by a carbonic grid in order to exclude the risk of short circuit within sensible application fields by loosened metal fibres. This is a very important requirement to be met e.g. in electric industry, in particular where working with very sensible electronic components. The light weight of 150 g/m² has been developped to meet customers demand for antistatic fabrics to be used for shirts and blouses within above mentioned application fields.




Innovations within PPE-Specials

a) Fabric to meet DIN 10524: Food Hygiene – Workwear in in food business / HACCP


Gneis              Weight: 215g/m²; Blend 65/35% PES/CO; Usable Width 160cm; Weave: K 2/1 S


Aim of the DIN 10524 is the avoidance of negative effects on food articles which can be caused by unsuitable workwear. The article Gneis, with 215 g/m² a typical fabric for lighterweight smocks and overalls, does meet DIN 10524. The article Gneis, as all Lauffenmühle fabrics, is suitable for leasing business.


b) Fabrics to meet EN 13034-6:2005+A1:2009 for Protective clothing against liquid chemicals


Admiral E39  Weight: 260 g/m²; Blend 65/35% PES/CO; Usable Width 160cm; Weave: K 2/2 S


To meet performance requirements for chemical protective clothing offering limited protective performance against liquid chemicals (Type 6 and Type PB [6] equipment) for typical applications as, e.g. in chemical or food industry, Lauffenmühle now offers the article Admiral E39. With 260 g/m² and its special finish it’s an optimal fabric for producing smocks and overalls which are typically needed in those industries.



c) Fabric for the special demand of vector protection

Vector      Weight: 150 g/m²; Blend 95/5% CO/PES; Usable Width 160cm; Weave: K 2/1S; Colour: Orange


Protection against vectors, defined as “desease transmitting animals”, is very important when working outdoor, as most of the serious fever-related diseases in humans are triggered off by micro-organisms transmitted by insects: Vectors such as flies can carry on their legs a large number of microorganisms, which cause diseases (typhus, dysentery, cholera or trachoma, worldwide the most frequent cause of blindness) when exceeding a certain number. And the second possibility is that vectors spread bacteria, viruses or parasites by stinging or biting. In this way they transmit germs from an infected host into the body of the new host. The new fabric developed by Lauffenmühle now helps to reduce mosquito bites and protects also against other unwelcome guests, such as ticks (in the temperate zones of Europe for example, ticks can transmit Lyme borreliosis with one single bite).

The new Lauffenmühle fabric meets Technical Supply Specifications TL 8305-0331 (BWB, for NATO army use), which means that the textile fabric which has been given the vector protection treatment and the textile garments made from it must be permanently effective against all blood-sucking arthropods (vectors). The certified testing results of this latest development of Lauffen-mühle confirm good protection even after 50 washing cycles according to EN ISO 15797,  75°C).



d) Antimicrobial fabric for permanent protection against infections


We also offer for the entire health care industry - and also for all other sectors such as the food-processing industry, where hygiene and protection against bacterial infections are required - products with permanent antimicrobial effect. Based on the knowledge that silver ions provide an appropriate protection for this purpose, we use yarns which already have firmly and permanently integrated silver ions in its fibres for our fabrics. As a result, we achieve that the antimicrobial effect is permanently maintained, i.e. even after many industrial wash cycles at correspondingly high temperatures. In addition, we also contribute to our environment, since the silver ions are firmly and permanently integrated in the fabric and the wastewater from laundries is thus not contaminated.




e) Application in hospitals


Also in hospitals, especially where life-saving and remedial operations are performed, it needs specific protection and fabrics. Therefore our Meditec fabrics are suitable. Please inform yourself on the following pages.                



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