Information on the new European chemical regulation REACh:

On 1st June, 2007, the new European chemical regulation REACh came into effect. REACh stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation of Chemicals. This new EEC regulation centralises and simplifies the chemicals law all over Europe.

The registration periods are contingent on the amounts per manufacturer/importer. This means in concrete terms:


  • The registration period for high-volume substances from 1000 t/a, CMRs from 1 t/a and environmentally hazardous substances with rating N, (R50-53) from 100 t/a expires 3.6 years after taking effect (i.e. on 1/12/2010).
  • For substances from 100 t/a, the registration period expires 6 years after taking effect (1/6/2013).
    For substances below 100 t/a, the registration period expires 11 years after taking effect (1/6/2018).

At this point in time, we cannot confirm that all chemicals/preparations - which we use for your products - are registered i.e. approved of according to REACh, as on one hand, the list of the substances subject to approval is not available yet and on the other, under REACH, the above-mentioned registration periods are planned to be staggered according to tonnage.

In detail, this means regarding the current stage of implementation in our company:
The REACh regulation, which has been directly effective in each EU country since 1/6/2007, is primarily directed at the manufacturers of substances, who have to have them registered according to specified time-staggered periods. These time periods are limited in case of low-volume substances to 1/6/2018. On account of this extensive time period, no one is presently able to predict whether or not all substances in the market will actually be registered so that we are also dependent on the information of our suppliers in this issue. Insofar, registrations or approvals of our suppliers from the chemical industry are not yet available. Considering this, we cannot make any binding statements yet on whether we will continue to receive all chemicals that we currently use.

We are presently making sure that all products we use are pre-registered within the agreed deadline so that these can be still used until the registration obligation expires. According to the statements of our suppliers so far, we assume that all substances will be pre-registered. In case of possible changes, we will inform you as soon as we receive information from the supply chain and if necessary, arrange appropriate measures with you.

Our specialists from the environment and quality management departments are aware of their responsibility for the products delivered to you and will take all necessary measures within the framework of their due diligence to supply you with high-quality products also in future. Of course, we are at your disposal, should you have any queries.


REACh: Online-Information by BAuA - Germany

Constitution of a REACh-helpdesk by the german enquiry office of the Federal Institute for occupational safety and occupational health (Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitsmedizin, BAuA)

Not only concerning the REACh Regulation but also concerning issues such as classification, labelling and packaging the BAuA informs with immediate effect. There is also the possibility to adress enquiries by phone or fax:


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