Carbon footprint improved significantly

CO2 emissions reduced by 29% per rm of fabric


From the notion of our responsibility towards the environment results, that we are working permanently on the reduction of the ecological footprint which are produced at our spinning -, weaving – and finishing facilities in Germany.


By continuous optimization of energy management we reached within the past eight years a reduction in CO2 emissions within our three production stages by nearly 30% per rm of finished fabric at the end of the business year 2010; a milestone we are quite proud of. Read more about the details here... 



Carefully thought-out environmental responsibility

Lauffenmühle feels bound by tradition to values such as sustainability, resource conservation and environmental responsibility - since we never regard these as a short-lived trend. For us living Corporate Social Responsibility means to strive for a constant improvement of our achievements.


The manufacture of textiles requires a substantial amount of resources; most of the processes are also executed under high air humidity and/or using a large amount of water. Thus, on one hand, this is about minimising the amount of utilised raw materials, optimising them in view of environmentally friendly aspects but on the other also about recycling the utilised resources and last but not least recycling unavoidable waste.



By optimising our processes, we were able to gradually optimise the points of environmental protection, resource conservation and, above all, waste prevention and waste recycling. As examples for this, let us name issues such as energy efficiency by process heat recovery, use of wastewater for cooling systems or the recycling of production waste at this point.


In order to be able to act sustainably on the long run, organisational integration of the corresponding responsibilities and contact partners for all employees in the company is required as well: thus, Lauffenmühle has implemented the following areas:


Mill control:
Responsible for the quality management at all process stages;


Quality assurance representatives:
Each responsible for the production facilities in Lauchringen and Lörrach


Environmental representatives:
Each responsible for the production facilities in Lauchringen and Lörrach


Waste management representatives:
Each responsible for recycling and ecological disposal of production residues in the production facilities Lauchringen and Lörrach


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