Tradition and innovation

Lauffenmühle GmbH & Co. KG, based in southern Germany, is a full-service textile company with spinning, weaving and finishing facilities. 175 years of experience in the manufacture of yarns and fabrics are evidence of its durability thanks to its high quality standards and ability to innovate. In view of its background of long-standing experience, Lauffenmühle today sets the pace in Europe as for as the functionality, wearing comfort, durability and cost-effectiveness of yarns and fabrics for work wear purposes are concerned.

At the Lauffenmühle company, the phrase "Made in Germany" is not only applied to top products with guaranteed delivery times, but also to the company's flexibility and its dynamic ability to respond to individual customer requirements: geographical proximity, intensive communication, professional advice and joint solutions for successful projects.









Small photo at the top on the left: Partial view / Production plant in Lörrach (finishing)

Small photo at the top on the right: High-rise warehouse at headquarter in Lauchringen

Big photo above: Headquarter in Lauchringen (administration, spinning mill, weaving mill)

Big photo below: Lauffenmühle 1871
Small photo thereunder: Mühle an der Wutach 1787 (Mill at the Wutach 1787)






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